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Wall Street colossus JPMorgan Chase & Co. will have to pay a record $13 billion legal settlement, thanks to an agreement the banking institution reached with the Department of Justice on Monday..

JPMorgan finally took its punishment on Tuesday, agreeing to a $13 billion settlement with the U.S. government to settle charges that the bank overstated the quality of mortgages it was selling to.

In 2013, JPMorgan reached a $13 billion settlement for its role in the 2008 housing crash which included packaging and selling subprime and other toxic loans. 18

Wells Fargo’s mortgage business earned $770 million in fees in the second quarter, down one-third from the $1.15 billion it earned in the same period a year ago. It’s tough to keep up with JPMorgan.

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Everything You Need to Know About JPMorgan’s $13 billion settlement. | October 22, 2013. By Neil Irwin. JPMorgan Chase is nearing a $13 billion civil settlement with the Justice Department for its mortgage lending practices. So what’s going on here? We’re here to help.

 · First of all, these settlements, they always come up with a big number, but the number is always actually-when you actually look at the accounting, it turns out to be smaller than they announce. In the case of the Chase settlement, the number they announced was $13 billion. But there’s a couple of really important factors here.

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Justice Department, Federal and state partners secure record $13 Billion Global Settlement with JPMorgan for Misleading Investors About Securities Containing Toxic Mortgages *CORRECTION: The release below previously stated that New York is receiving $613.8 million in this settlement, however, the number is $613.0 million.

In short, America’s biggest bank will pay more than $6 billion to compensate investors, $4 billion to help struggling homeowners and the remaining $3 billion as a fine. How $13 billion breaks.

Harris also won a $25 billion settlement for California homeowners hit by the foreclosure. according to her campaign. She has $13.2 million cash on hand after the second quarter. (MORE: Here are 5.

 · Right now, though, we need to talk about Jamie Dimon. The independent directors have periodically discussed whether our chairman and chief executive, effective as he has been over the years, is in danger of becoming a liability. Let me bring you up.