Fish, Florida, and Fear: The Blacksphere 10 hrs .6 The lionfish is destroying the Florida coast. Now they’re learning to fear the Glock. GO FISH PRODUCTIONS "Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17 Fear the glock

The grey line that divides hunting and fishing just grew even murkier after these bros demonstrated how fun and easy it is to go fishing/hunting for Lionfish, an extremely invasive species in Florida, using a Glock 9mm pistol. lionfish were never meant to make it to the Gulf of Mexico waters, and.

The guys over at Courtland Hunt had a good time underwater Glock fishing for the invasive lionfish species in the Gulf of Mexico. Lionfish are an invasive species and a huge problem wherever they infest. The females lay up to 2 million eggs per year, and they have no natural predators.

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Lionfish Hunting Scuba Divers Kill 275 in One Day-591,000 views! Pensacola, Florida – Duration: 38:04. Roger J Muller Jr 593,887 views

But when Hunt, who calls himself an "extreme outdoorsman," jumped into the waters off Florida to test his gun, he noticed something odd: "I saw tons of lionfish. No fish, no bay fish, no grouper. They eat everything," he said to WFTS. Observation – Hunter It was this observation that inspired him into becoming a part-time lionfish hunter.

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"Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17 "Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17 . Very cool! 01/02/2018 . USCCA . We all need a good reminder every now and then. 12/30/2017 Personal Liberty .

Yes. Its pretty good. In Bermuda we have a lion fish season and all the restaurants have lionfish specials on the menu. Lionfish fishing tourneys to cull the population.

"Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish To a Glock 17 January 25, 2018 Two years ago, a Manatee County, Florida, man who works as a mortgage broker during the day became famous after he uploaded a video to YouTube that showed him hunting for lionfish with a Glock.

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"Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17 . Very cool! USCCA . We all need a good reminder every now and then. Personal Liberty . Do you support national concealed carry reciprocity? Vote now! USCCA .