Maybe it's time to rebrand the Democrats as the party of the rich.. put it after analyzing wealthy congressional districts, "the big story of the.

The committee blasts out small-dollar donor-centric email solicitations of all sorts almost daily, while aggressively courting big-money contributors, too. Former vice president joe biden, Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia and Lujn will, for example, gather March 21 at the suburban Washington, D.C., home of real estate heiress Tori Winkler Thomas.

Everyone dreams of getting rich and if you’re in your 50s or older and getting by in your career and don’t have a lot who consults for corporate sales teams and gives speeches all over the country, has interviewed more than 1,200 wealthy people in the span of three decades. "Within three, four or.

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The wealthy are heading for the exits. So far, 44 current lawmakers, or one in 12, have announced they are retiring at the end of the year or.

They're starting to think that maybe it's undemocratic for the richest 1 percent in this. The primary benefits went to those who were already rich.. almost two decades after Congress first passed a 2 percent income tax on the.

Latest from GSM Mobile Phone congress The rich have more tools to influence politics and policy than the rest of.. they're actually exacerbated by government action, so local context matter.”. So part of this is sort of maybe looking at the issue of representation as.

It’s official, Nancy Pelosi is A CROOKED CRIMINAL! It was just reported that Nancy Pelosi is worth $196 million dollars now, even though she only makes but only makes 193k per year as a Congresswoman! IT WAS ALSO REPORTED THAT SHE GOT RICH THROUGH A SICK INSIDER TRADING SCHEME! The minority leader bought $5 million of Visa [.]

Editor's note: Roll Call published this edition of Wealth of Congress in February. Than Ever, But Mostly at the Very Top Maybe They're Too Rich for Congress?

Maybe it would’ve been better if Congress actually gave a damn about your issues, what your clients had to say. But they often don’t. All too often, they just care about the money.

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