“Lawyers are great, but they aren’t paid to say great things about their clients.” Paperny does something some find more valuable later. He helps those about to walk the halls of prison have an..

“Aren’t you. staying in prison was now what he preferred. But then again, I was relieved that my own investments were coming along so nicely. I no longer feared being released old and broke,

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“Shouldn’t you be instead trying to alleviate poverty by giving women outside prison jobs so that they are not incarcerated? It seems like you are waiting for poverty to do its job so you can..

 · Living Inside the Prison Walls. While incarceration itself is supposed to be the punishment, many prisons breed an atmosphere of deprivation that goes beyond losing one’s freedom. Those who are incarcerated are often faced with violence, isolation, a lack of basic human services, and limited access to their loved ones.

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The basic problem with organizing a prison strike from inside prison?.. media, no less-even works for people who aren't allowed online.

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The inmates are still milking those goats, though. I was curious about this farm, and set up a visit. The goat dairy sits inside. They aren’t thinking about what was fair on the outside. They were.

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There is only one kind of "criminal justice" job inside a prison – prison guard. Most work required inside prison is done by prisoners – food service, cleanup, laundry, light manufacture of needed goods, library services, etc. Other jobs inside are for doctors, nurses and psychologists, who are not "criminal justice" graduates per se.

Slavery is illegal. Oh whoops, slavery was banned in the Constitution "except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted". So, slavery is legal in prison. Legal slavery in for-profit prisons, what could possibly go.

“This is a prison, guards are watching cameras. Why. inside of their open dorm hall at Holman, he said. The result is hundreds of prisoners contained in one place without any officers in sight..

Insides definition, on the inner side or part of; within: inside the circle; inside the envelope. See more.